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Why it is so important to be Highly Ranked in Google Search pages

A high ranking position in Google Search pages is of absolute importance to a business in drawing online traffic to its website. It has been reported that 89% of clicks onto links from Google are from the front page alone.

As a result, businesses are constantly endeavouring to clamber up the Google rankings in order to achieve visibility and exposure to potential customers in the Google Search pages. Being seen in Google Search is the first step in providing an opportunity to secure business with a customer.

Ranking Challenges

However, once successfully ranked in the high positions, a business cannot rest as ranking positions can drop since Google continuously make more than 300 major and minor tweaks in its algorithm every year. These tweaks impact directly on rankings on Google Search pages. This fact makes it very difficult for anybody without the technical skills, knowledge, experience and patience to get a high ranking for a website in Google Search pages. In addition, apart from the changes in Google's rules, there are also hundreds of thousands of competitors equally determined to rank their websites highly in Google Search pages.

Ranking Goal for your Website

A beautifully designed website is of no use if your customers cannot find it in the search engines - that's how critical it is to be seen in a major search engine like Google. For website owners, your goal must be for your website to be seen in Google Search, preferably in the First Page of the results !

Professional Help for your Ranking Challenges

Getting onto the First Page of Google Search is not anybody's task. You need the knowledge, technical skills, experience, dedication and resolve in order to succeed. It is a task for professionals. Don't waste time trying DIY to get a high ranking in Google Search. Let us - the professionals - help you.


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